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DSO is a home for the gaming community.

We offer a variety of services for you to use to grow your streaming channels, your name as a competitive gamer or team, and also different ways for you to engage as an all-around community member.

Services we will provide are the following. As we grow, more will come.

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Did DSO Come From

Just like any other company or organization, we have a backstory as to how we started and to where we are now. In 2014, our founder Joshua Henshaw, “Danker” as we all know him, was part of a small clan named WKEF (We Kill Everybody but Family). From this experience, he began to have a dream and ambition to start something special of his own, which begins our story of DSO and the journey it has had so far and what’s to come.

Joshua started his own organization called Dank Squad Organization in 2015-2020. He had a very big dream for this organization and what he could do to see it excel into something huge that would provide for a whole variety of gamers and the gaming community. He started his very first website with a company called Weebly, which was a platform to get the company off the ground but didn’t meet the needs of what the organization needed. So, being the entrepreneur he is, he found a website called WIX which better suited the needs of the organization and what we needed it to provide in terms of creation and tools. We were able to host tournaments, create teams, and even host clan wars. This website was a huge jump into the future, which in turn created DSO (Determine Souls Organization), the name we all know today.

DSO was then lifted off in 2021 after a very stressful and eventful year with COVID 19 and the difficulties it brought. Joshua and the team he had put together started really getting to work and setting up the future of DSO with the new platform. Joshua saw so much potential that he used some of his own savings of over $10,000 because he knew we would succeed. Using the new website and the tools this professional company has in use was exactly what we needed. We are able to bring a whole new world to the gaming community to provide a home for Streamers, Content Creators, and the community as a whole. This home is unique in being a gaming hub for whatever you can use all the way from Devs to Streamers. This has every tool available at your fingertips.

Whether you will be hosting tournaments, bringing your clan to compete, wanting a unbiased and fair streaming platform, or just want to support the community in every way possible this is your home. We are dedicated to provide and give back to each and every one of you in every way possible. We are very excited for the future of DSO and we know you are on the edge of your seat waiting to see and use the endless possibilities we have in store for you. Thank you for your commitment and loyalty to our company. Just as this is your new home welcome to your new family DSO!


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